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September 29, 2008

PHP Interview Question

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Following are some of the questions faced by me in an interview:

Question. Can you manipulate Images in PHP?

Question: How to reset cookies in php
Answer: unset($_COOKIE[‘key’]) and set_cookie(‘key’,’value’,expire)

Question:What is joomla
Answers:Joomla is a content management system which helps a novice user to set up and maintain his/her site with no developers intervention.

Question:How to extend classes for Multiple inheritance?
Answer:In PHP we don’t have Multiple inheritance.

Question:Explain the concept of inheritance.
Answer:Inheritance in OOP concept where in child inherit the property and methods from parent classe .It simplify and reduce instances of redundant code.

Question:How to track the bugs in your application.
Answer:We use bug-tracking tools like Mantis,Bugzilla etc.

Question:What is CVS.
Answer:CVS is concurrent version system which is use to maintain the versioning of files among the developers i,e it keeps track of all changes made by different developers and allow them to collaborate in development.

Question:how to sort array based on key and value.

asort for value sorting
ksort for key based sorting.

Question:Maximum size of Mysql database.
Answer:It depend on constraint over file size in operating system.Usually its 4TB(TB=Terabyte).


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