Priti's Technical Corner

February 26, 2009

Mysql Questions

Question 1:  What is my.cnf?
Answer 1:  my.cnf is configuration file for mysql. Mysql programs can read startup options from this file.

Question 2:  What is mysqldump?
Answer 2: mysqldump client is backup program which is used to dump a database or a collection of database for
backup purpose.

mysqldump [-options] db_name [tables]

Question 3: How to take up backup of entire database?
Answer 3: mysqldump db_name > backup_db.sql

Question 4:  How to dump all the database?
Answer 4:  mysqldump –all-databases > all_databases.sq

Question 5: What LOAD DATA INFILE Do?
Answer 5: It reads the rows from a text file and insert into table at very high speed.
Ex:  LOAD DATA INFILE ‘test.txt’ INTO TABLE my_table;

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