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May 11, 2009

PHP Interview Questions

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Question : What is WSDL?
Answer : WSDL document defines services as collections of network endpoints.Types ,element,Operations,port type,Binding,port,Service are the element involved to defined WSDL document.Question : what memory_get_usage function do?
Answer   :Return the amount of memory assigned to your PHP script.

Question: Where call_user_func helps?
call_user_func — Call a user function given by the first parameter
function barber($type)
echo “You wanted a $type haircut, no problem”;
call_user_func(‘barber’, “mushroom”);
call_user_func(‘barber’, “shave”);

Question: Is it possible to define constant in interface?
Answer : Yes, interface constant exactly works like class constants.

: what is $php_errormsg?
Answer :$php_errormsg store the previous error message generated by PHP.This variable will only be available within the scope in which the error occurred.


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