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June 28, 2011

PHP Interview Questions

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Preetam Chari contribute her experience as follow:

Question1] What is the difference between an abstract class and an interface? Give a real time example when you will an abstract class over an interface?

Question 2] What is the use of final keyword?

Question 3] Explain function overloading and function overriding with an example?

Question 4] Explain the type of inheritance supported by  PHP?

Question 5] Explain different access specifiers in PHP with examples?

Question 6] Is there any difference between exit() and die() in PHP?

Question 7] How do you set a cookie in php?Explain the different parameters?

Question 8] Where does cookie get stored?

Question 9] Where does session get stored?

Question 10]What is the difference between session and cookies?

Please share the answer if you know.


June 12, 2011

PHP Interview Questions

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Question1: What is difference between div and span

Answer 1:

SPAN: Browser to apply the style rules to whatever is within the

DIV: Includes paragraph break because it is defining a logical division in the document.

Question 2: what is max POST size.

Answer 2:  8M

Question 3: htmlspecialchars convert some special characters to HTML entities which are they.

Answer 3:

‘&’ (ampersand)

‘”‘ (double quote)

”’ (single quote)

‘<‘ (less than)

‘>’ (greater than)

Question 4: Default upload max file size of file a file in php.ini?.

Answer 4:  2 M

Question 5:  Which is the php config setting for enabling file uploads.

Answer 5:  set ‘file_uploads’ to ON

Question 6: Which scope will be defined if you want variable to be available in complete script.

Answer 6: Global

Question 7: which engine in mysql supports full text search?.

Answer 7: MyISAM

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