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October 1, 2011

PHP 5.3: Array

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I was trying to understand behavior of following code in php 5.3

echo count($arr);

Output: 2

I couldn’t understand till I explored more in PHP manual. When you print this array you will see


Why !!
In PHP, 1 and ‘1’ is equal and we know the later index overwrite the previous hence, it’s 1=>b .Now, why 2=>’D’, because
the next highest index is 2 so C index will be 2 hence, 2=>’D’

Still struggling to understand see following

index 0 will be assigned to C

index 3 will be assigned to D

numerical index will start from the highest integer.
In case 1, 2=>’D’ is defined after C hence index starts with zero where as,
in later case index is already set and next highest will result 3=>’D’

Hope you find this interesting !


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  1. Hey Priti,
    This is interesting stuff …. but mostly non-standard implementation of data types…. hopefully this behavior is consistant atleast. See the following snippet..

    echo "We are equals…ohh really?? ";
    echo "But we are not identical…oh yes, we are not!!! ";

    echo "This is becoz php is loosely (lousily) typed language!! so they brought === in defense :-)!!";

    Comment by Nikhil — November 11, 2011 @ 6:16 am

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