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October 1, 2011

Zend PHP 5.3 Practice Question

Below set of questions are just for your zend certification practice.

Question 1.  Which PHP Tags are always avaiable? [Choose 2]
A. <?php ?>
B. <% %>
C. <script language=”php”>
D. <? ?>

Answers: A,C

Question 2. Which of the data types are not scalar data types
A. Boolean
B. Array
C. Resource
D. float

Answer: B,C

Question 3. To check for a certain type of a varaible use ……….. function.

Question 4.What is wrong with following code
function foo()
static $bar = <<<LABEL
Nothing in here…

A. There is no error
B. Static varaible initialization with HEREDOC is wrong
C. LABEL keyword can’t be used


Question 5: print $foo = 4 + “1.2 apples”;
A. 4
C. 5.2
D. 5
Answer  C


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