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October 30, 2012

ZendFramework session problem

I was writing a breadcrumb class file for my application in Zendframework. While unit testing I noticed a strange problem I was having difficult time to manage my session in Chrome !. I never imagine this situation that my session will get impacted by browser types !.

I did a googling for this problem and found there are people who are facing the same problem. And, this was already been in issue log with ZF. Been in open source is bless :). I found many article which will help you to understand this particular behavior. For me I took following steps and I was able to resolve the problem

1. create favicon.ico

2. place favicon.ico in webroot

3. In layout.php I placed following line

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”; />

delete the browser cache and refresh the page. I am done !.  To understand the problem I suggest user to go through following link

It will give more interesting insight of the problem.


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