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September 8, 2015

Google wordpress AdSense plugin

I was searching for a good widget for my gardening blog and I was happy to find that Google released it’s own WordPress plugin for AdSense.  To configure follow below steps

Log in as “Administrator” >> Setting >> Adsense >> redirect to “AdSense Plugin” Page >> Click “Manage Ad”

It will load your site in administrator’s view and show you the potential place you would like to place the ads. It also assist user by provide “Red” Pin/Locator to change the ads placement on your blog.

Once changes are done say “Save & Done” on top right corner and confirmation pop up will come.

“Please note that you have to login with your AdSense account.”

This all is pretty easy but I was confused that I wanted to show the ads exactly on the same position across the site which was not the case !. I saw ads coming on category , Page and Single post page on the default location. Only home page was serving as I desired.

So I just did some R&D and come across that Google Adsense visit open the site in “Administrator” view so if you navigate to Category page , It will load the category page and show you where Google plugin will insert the Ads. Pretty simple !

So I visited my Category, Page, Single Post Pages manually and configured the ads as desired.

Now on my site it’s uniform.

Hope this little info help you in configuring blog.


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